As Featured In The Press

Legendary American sporting magazine Outdoor Life featured Zombie Industries’ innovative Bleeding Targets in its “Best of SHOT Show Day 1” coverage of the annual Las Vegas Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. Outdoor Life praised Zombie Industries Bleeding Targets for their resilience and longevity on the field, as well as the “cool” factor offered by 3-D zombie targets. Zombie Industries is proud to offer professional products that exceed the expectations of even the most discerning outdoorsman.



American Shooting Journal, one of the leading publications for firearms enthusiasts and competitive shooters, featured ZMB Industries’ new Shoot-N-Ooze Varmint animal targets in a recent review. American Shooting Journal called the Shoot-N-Ooze Varmints “just what folks have been looking for” and praised the miniature mutilating targets for offering “hours of good ol’ fashioned inexpensive small-bore family fun & entertainment.” ZMB Industries prides itself on providing a wide range of tactical targets that meet the needs of today’s shooter, and we’re glad to know that others agree. Thanks American Shooting Journal!



Ammoland, the web's leading shooting sports sews service for ammunition, firearms, shooting, and hunting, highlighted ZMB Industries’ Bleeding Zombie Targets following the Las Vegas SHOT Show. Calling the targets “disturbingly entertaining,” Ammoland praised ZMB’s targets for their realism, longevity, and benefits offered by a three-dimensional tactical mannequin. Says Ammoland, “These new targets are sure to change the firearms industry forever.” Here at ZMB Industries, we strive to make sure that this remains true.



Handgun Planet, an independent firearms and ammunition website, featured a full-length audition and review of ZMB’s VRT Tactical Training Target after seeing ZMB Industries at the Las Vegas SHOT Show. Handgun Planet praised ZMB’s target for providing a 180° vantage point that enabled much more realistic training scenarios compared to two-dimensional paper targets, specifically highlighting how this allows the shooter to engage a realistic profile almost completely from the side. The review concludes by calling the ZMB Industries VRT Target a “valuable training aid [that offers] positive feedback on a to-scale torso, and just a fun extra at a local match.” Thanks for the kind words, Handgun Planet!


Twang-N-Bang, the hugely popular Youtube channel for firearms and archery enthusiasts, recently published a full review of the ZMB Industries Bleeding Zombie targets. Twang-N-Bang praised several aspects of ZMB’s target, saying, “When you get a Zombie Industries target, it’s clear that they thought things through.” After thoroughly testing the 3-D reactive target, the reviewer concluded that “You don’t have to be into zombies to appreciate the fun and even realism that can come from using a 3-D reactive shot-indicating target like these zombie targets from Zombie Industries.” Thanks for the review and enjoy your targets, Twang-N-Bang!


GunsAmerica, a leading firearms news and reviews website, has twice featured ZMB Industries and our line of tactical shooting targets. GunsAmerica praised ZMB Industries’ Bleeding Zombie Targets for their 3-D realism and said that they offered a “welcome change” for when shooting cardboard gets old. In particular, the reviewers praised the target’s longevity, saying, “It would have taken more money than we were willing to spend on ammo to cripple this torso, and it comes with four more skins.” Be sure to check out GunsAmerica’s full review of ZMB Industries’ Bleeding Zombie Targets!



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