Prize Fighter 'Rocky' Zombie Target

Rockefeller Roberts, known to his friends as Rocky, lived a life of hard work, hard drink, and hard fights. His craggy, sunbaked face and calloused fists told unspoken tales of a hard life lived on the rough side of town. A former clown-turned-prizefighter, Rocky’s reputation as a beastly boxer was well-known throughout the inner circles of fighters in the Tri-State area.

For years, he made his living fighting in underground boxing matches and the occasional heavyweight title fight. His ferocity and sheer power earned him many victories and always brought a smile to the bookies. Rocky liked that he could earn a decent living by beating the living daylights out of people. In fact, after a few drinks, he would often admit that the money really didn’t motivate him; he really just enjoyed knocking some sense into any sap that thought they could take him down. Getting some cash out of it only sweetened the deal.  

This all changed during his last fight. It was a particularly grueling match that lasted for what felt like days. Rocky’s opponent, an out-of-towner that had traveled from the West Coast, put up a fight like Rocky had never experienced. Punches that would have left other boxers with a concussion (or worse) seemed to barely faze the mysterious opponent and, at one point, Rocky could have sworn that he felt his opponent’s jaw crumble from a devastating punch squarely to the face. He didn’t know how anyone could keep fighting after taking a hit like that.

When the bell sounded to signal the end of the match, Rocky felt the weight of every year of his hard life for what felt like the very first time. Few of the fights in his long career had ever lasted the full twelve rounds, and he couldn’t remember the last time he faced such a powerful challenger. The judges awarded Rocky with a narrow victory on account of his technical prowess, but his victory felt stale and trivial. For the first time in his life, Rocky felt uncertain about the future of his life as a fighter. Bloodied and bruised, dizzy and exhausted, Rocky retired to his locker to get some rest.

Rocky awoke the next day with what felt like the worst hangover of his entire life. His head pounded and his thoughts swam in a muddy haze. Every inch of his body ached as if he was reliving every punch of his entire career. When his phone started to ring, the sound made his whole head pound. He groaned and looked to see who was calling. It was Bobo, an old friend from back in his clowning days, calling to see if Rocky might be interested in a new act he had been working on. Normally, Rocky wouldn’t have ever considered the idea. But after the excruciating fight, he figured that a break might not be a bad idea.

The events that followed are well-documented and have been verified by Zombie Industries, a leader in the fight against the present Zombie Apocalypse. It is now believed that Rocky was exposed to the Zombie virus during his final fight, with most theories pointing to the mysterious opponent as the carrier. What is known is that, at some point between the fight and his meeting with Bobo, Rocky ceased to be human.

Reports state that when the infected Rocky showed up for Bobo’s performance, he attacked the clown before running off. Authorities notified Zombie Industries, who sent several of their best firearms specialists and zombie hunters to apprehend the infected Rocky. After capturing him, the bleeding target specialists were able to extrapolate his DNA for cloning and research purposes so now you can get your OWN ROCKY Zombie.    

'Rocky' Zombie Target