Zombie Bleeding Target - Zombified Nazi Edition

Throughout history, few men have encapsulated evil as much as Adolf Hitler and his loyal Nazi soldiers. The atrocities committed by the Nazis are among the most despicable and depraved ever witnessed. No punishment could possibly fit the crimes committed by these Nazi scumbags. In many ways, Hitler and his Nazis are the ultimate symbol of evil.

But there’s more to the story. It seems that the Zombie Apocalypse might have had its start much earlier than we initially thought. As it turns out, back in the 1930s, Hitler and his cronies were actively working on a top-secret plan called Projekt Wiedergeburt – Project Rebirth. Headed by Josef Mengele, Projekt Wiedergeburt aimed at creating a super Nazi soldier that could keep fighting even after death.

That’s right – Zombie Nazis.

We don’t know exactly how many Zombie Nazis were successfully created by Hitler and his peons. From what we can tell, a certain number of Nazis were purposely infected with strains of parasitic viruses much like the virus that caused the present Zombie outbreak. According to report logs from Dr. Mengele’s experiments, we know that the team working on Project Rebirth struggled to contain and control the zombified Nazis. Several managed to escape early on and wreaked havoc on Hitler’s research team, leaving only a handful of survivors. We believe that this might also be the moment that at least one Zombie Nazi managed to escape the compound where the experiments were taking place.

How do we know that at least one Zombie Nazi managed to escape? Well, we’re the ones that found him. This Zombie Nazi was discovered hiding out in an old German bunker. His Nazi uniform, although tattered and soiled, was immediately recognizable and the first words out of his mouth were ‘Heil Hitler.’

Clearly some people never change.

Lucky for you, you won’t need a time machine to go back and teach those Nazi douchebags a lesson.

Here at Zombie Industries, we believe that target shooting and firearms safety can be as fun as it is useful. And what could be more fun than unloading a banana clip into a bleeding Nazi? But let’s be honest: we know this is controversial. We thought long and hard about whether we should make these Zombie Nazi clones publically available to tactical shooters.

After thoroughly testing our Zombie Nazi clones, we reached a conclusion. Every marksmen and volunteer involved in testing told us that it felt hugely gratifying to empty their magazine into the Nazi Zombie scum, leaving it an unrecognizable pile of blood and mush that brought a big smile to everyone.

Compared to Zombie Industries’ other Bleeding Zombie Clones, the Nazi Zombie allows operators to experience the joy and satisfaction of personally laying into a Nazi Zombie.

Nazi Zombie Targets