Bobo... Happy Clown To Bleeding Zombie Target

Depending on how you look at it, the story of Bobo the Clown could be seen as either horrifying or hilarious. You see, before the start of the zombie apocalypse, Bobo was just an average clown making his ends working birthday parties, school functions, even the occasional Bar Mitzvah (for which he always came prepared with a multicolored kippah). The pay wasn’t great but it was an honest living and Bobo worked hard to keep his act fresh and funny.

Still, he knew that being a clown just wasn’t the same as it used to be. He often struggled to keep kids laughing and, half the time, at least one kid ended up freaking out and he’d be forced to end his act early.

Plus, it’s not exactly a secret that clowns scare the daylights out of a lot people – Bobo had recently learned that between 10% and 20% of Americans suffer from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Bobo often wondered if it was time to try something new.

He’d heard that pirates, vampires, and zombies were becoming more popular with the kids. So Bobo had an idea: a new act that featured him fighting vampires and zombies. Using his arsenal of clown gags, he would fight the ghouls and be victorious, proving to the audience that clowns are better than zombies and vampires.

After working out a basic structure, Bobo contacted two of his longtime clown buddies and told them his idea. Rocky, a former clown-turned-boxer, would play the zombie while Geoff would dress as a vampire. The three rehearsed and when it came time to perform his next gig, Bobo was ready to show off his new act. Little did he know that it would be his last performance.

Bobo and his companions arrived at the event, a birthday party for an obnoxious 8 year old, and started the show. Almost immediately, Bobo noticed that Rocky was acting strange; he was aggressive, erratic, and barely following the script they had rehearsed. Bobo decided to improvise and douse Rocky with the classic club soda gag.

Bad mistake…

Out of nowhere, Rocky let out a blood-curdling growl and leapt onto Bobo. The panicked Bobo let out a terrified scream and tried to jump out of the way, but Rocky tackled him to the ground and sunk his teeth into Bobo’s neck before leaping away again and dashing off into the distance (maybe he thought the clown tasted funny…)

These days, Bobo can still be seen prowling the streets in search of an audience. And he’s not alone – strangely enough, all of his victims have had the misfortune of becoming an undead clown themselves. Their oversized clown shoes announce their approach with an eerie, echoing squeak and the bright colors of their tattered outfits can be clearly seen from a distance. Lucky for you, this makes him an easily-visible target for shooting practice. So if you ever find yourself in dark alley being approached by what looks like a clown, don’t expect a good laugh.

As a leader in the fight against the Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Industries is dedicated to preparing today’s shooters for the Zombie onslaught by providing cloned Zombie targets with unmatched training benefits. Zombie Industries was able to successfully capture several of these Bobo clones and put them in a catatonic state for use in firearms training, target shooting, and even archery purposes.

After all, who wouldn’t love practicing target shooting and firearm safety using a 3D bleeding zombie clown? Upon receiving your Bobo target, simply remove the sedated Bobo zombie from his containment unit and quickly mount it to the included stake so that it cannot escape. Upon waking, the Bobo zombie will be aggressive and ready to attack, so always exercise caution and proper safety measures – your life may depend on it.

Clown Zombie Target Bobo