"Chris"... The Original Bleeding Zombie Target

Before becoming the undead monstrosity he is now, Dr. Chris Owens was a gifted biologist and research assistant at the same San Diego biotech company that would become Ground Zero for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Working alongside his research partner Dr. Grant Diggler, Dr. Chris was among the few individuals directly involved in the study of an intriguing parasitic fungus known to turn its hosts into mindless zombies. Little did Owens know that his enthusiastic interest in this groundbreaking research would lead to him becoming an unintended test subject. Based on video surveillance footage, we now know that Dr. Chris Owens was the second infected individual following Dr. Grant Diggler’s initial exposure to the virus.

On the night of the outbreak, Dr. Chris was busy testing fungus and virus cultures while his partner Dr. Diggler worked in a separate lab. Following Diggler’s accidental exposure to the parasitic fungus, Diggler sought aid from Chris. Dr. Chris assisted in dressing Diggler’s wounds, which included lacerations to the face and hands. Although Dr. Chris followed the standard exposure protocol, it is believed that he became exposed to the zombie virus while assisting his partner.

The following day, Dr. Diggler was absent from work.

Dr. Chris noted that he, too, was beginning to feel quite ill, but he assured his lab assistants that he would be okay for the day. Eyewitness accounts claim that he worked alone in the lab for most of the day and that he appeared, as one lab assistant put it, “manic and disoriented.” When asked if he felt well enough to continue working, Dr. Chris apparently responded with “a guttural grunt that just didn’t sound quite human.”

He did not return to work the next day.

Fearing that Dr. Chris might have been exposed to the same virus that turned Dr. Diggler into a zombie, his lab assistants contacted Zombie Industries to capture and contain Dr. Chris. After receiving word that Chris was sighted in the downtown area of San Diego, Zombie Industries successfully managed to ambush the infected doctor and transfer him to their quarantine area.

There, the researchers at Zombie Industries were able to isolate his DNA and use it to create clones that could be further studied and used to train zombie hunters, tactical shooters, and marksmen in the most effective ways to take down a zombie.

Zombie hunters can use Zombie Industries’ Chris clones in a variety of ways that help prepare today’s shooting enthusiasts for the Zombie Apocalypse. As a 3-D target that bleeds when shot, the Zombie Chris clones provide an ideal medium for teaching both experienced and inexperienced marksmen alike.

If you’re ready to face the Zombie Apocalypse head-on, Zombie Industries’ bleeding targets are the perfect training platform for honing your skills.

Bleeding Zombie Target 'Chris'