Grave Digger Zombie... The One Who Started It All

Grave Digger… the one that started it all.

We now believe that Grave Digger was the first human infected, making him the Patient 0 of the Zombie Apocalypse. But before becoming an infamous blood-crazed zombie with a well-deserved nickname, he was known simply as Grant Diggler, a quiet lab technician at a San Diego biotech firm. At the time, he was researching a unique parasitic fungus found in ants that would hijack the host’s brain and turn it into a powerless zombie-like vessel. Not too long ago, during one of his many late nights in the lab, Grant looked through his microscope and couldn’t believe what he saw. Looking through each of his petri dish cultures, he counted at least 10 different mutations – and they seemed to be multiplying at a ridiculous speed.

Alarmed and eager to examine his samples closer, he gathered his cultures into a box and ran for the main laboratory in the building’s basement. Had he taken the elevator or stayed in his own lab, we probably wouldn’t be talking about him now – or any zombie, for that matter. Alas, poor Grant decided to run down the stairwell instead. Who knows what made him slip – it could have been a puddle or uneven step or maybe even a banana peel. What matters is that he did slip – and that he slipped into a puddle of shattered pitri dish contents and broken glass.

It’s clear from that night’s video surveillance that he was pretty bloodied and banged up, and he can be seen removing shards of petri dish from his hands and face. We don’t have many records of what happened after that. We know that he didn’t return to work after that night in the lab and, within a week, two local university football teams had reported the zombification of a linebacker, two quarterbacks, and an offensive lineman.

And in almost no time, the Zombie Apocalypse we all foolishly wished for was underway.

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