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Mutilating Kevin Zombie
Life-Sized Tactical Mannequin Target

Kevin grew up like every other red blooded American kid in Rochester, NY… he wanted to be a Hero!  He joined the Marines at an early age and it didn’t take long for his superior officers to notice he had what it takes.  Being awarded the Silver Star confirmed he was the man they had been searching for… the perfect candidate for a new classified program.  When the Joint Chiefs approached Kevin to participate in a Top Secret Experiment to create a new class of Super Human Solider; Kevin knew that with his incredible marksmanship, deadly hand-to-hand combat skills, numerous successful ops to his credit, and his superior intellect.. he was born for this mission!  Everything was a GO.. that is until a tragic mix up at the lab cross-contaminated a strand of Kevin’s DNA during the implementation process.  The transformation was almost immediate and with his new super strength… there wasn’t a military facility built that could hold him!  The result was a new strand of Super Undead unleashed on the public and no amount of government cover-up could ever protect the masses from the impending horror.

Each Patent Pending Mutilating Zombie is cloned in the USA at our San Diego, California facility by God-fearing workers. They are hand painted to simulate an infected human that just finished devouring someone’s brain, with realistic features to heighten your sensitivity and maximize your Zombie readiness training! What sets our Mutilating Zombie’s apart from the pack?? In addition to being filled with biodegradable matter for easy clean-up, our Mutilating Zombies physically show visible bodily devastation when shot?  That’s right, the destruction is easy to see with every shot… Mutilation baby!


  • Perfect for use indoor, or outdoor, with no bloody mess to clean up!
  • Life-sized Zombie target WOUNDS fluorescent orange when you shoot it!
  • Zombies can be shot with more than 1000+ rounds of assorted calibers.
  • Biodegradable Zombie matter keeps tree huggers off your back.
  • Zombie can be reused to finish off another day.
  • Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie.
  • Printed Box with a standard shaded scoring line target on both sides to help sight in your weapon.
  • Designed for firearms, but works with ARCHERY in conjunction with suitable backstop.
  • Open spaces behind Head & Chest work with your favorite brand of Exploding Target.
  • Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!

Use any and all means necessary to decapitate Zombie.

When your Zombie Industries’ package arrives, proceed with extreme caution and carefully drag the box to a secluded area. Be careful of contents, as the Zombie is not dead, only dormant. Recommend individuals organize weapons, supplies and Zombie hunting task force before opening box, your life might possibly depend on it. If you fail to destroy enclosed Zombie, call for backup before returning to the scene. Use our Zombie Targets in the same cautionary manner as you would a paper target and remember, always use common sense around live munitions. When you aim, point directly at the figure but be warned, pieces of simulated flesh and body parts will detach upon impact.

All Zombie Industries’ products represent fictitious characters and are works of fiction.  Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.

At ZMB Industries we take training and preparedness extremely seriously! 

We understand that there are many aspects of training that encompass various complimentary disciplines which go into emergency/disaster/conflict preparedness.  That’s why all our ZMB Industries’ training dummies also provide a training platform for Medical First Responders.  Marksmanship is a critical skill in today’s encounters for both Military & Law Enforcement personnel; and our training dummies provide numerous skill acquisition benefits for forward operators.  But we take training a step further by providing a universal aid that also address the aftermath.  That’s right, our 3D training dummies provide a realistic aid for teaching various emergency treatment procedures such as dealing with ballistic trauma, administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), aspiration, defibrillation, intubation and infusion.  We believe that providing the most realistic training dummies produces better trained professionals.  That’s why at ZMB Industries we are committed to creating innovative training dummies that address emergency situations both during and after horrific events.

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