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Here’s what shooters are saying about our targets...

"Always try and make your training as realistic as possible."

As a tactical firearms instructor, I need the best equipment and the best targets. That's what I get with ZMB and Zombie Industries - the best, most realistic targets anywhere.

Omari Broussard | Founder, 10X Defense

"With their target, it’s clear that they thought things through."

You don’t have to be into zombies to appreciate the fun and even realism that can come from using a 3D reactive shot-indicating target like these zombie targets from Zombie Industries.

TWANG 'n BANG | Raleigh, NC

"It’s actually great fun to shoot at this thing! It’s actually bleeding!"

I like that the box they ship it in is a target in itself. Shooting at the zombie’s head is just so much better than punching cardboard! These targets can be used a loooong time.

Joerg Sprave | Rothenberg, Germany


Huge Selection

The largest selection of ‘bleeder’ zombie targets in the world, as well as tons of other target options

Target Specialists

We don’t manufacture targets and toilets. We only make targets and we do a damn good job of it

Handmade Craftsmanship

All of our 3D Targets are made by hand with care. Of course you’ll end up shooting it, but these are trophy-worthy

Good Time Guarantee

We guarantee that you will have a good time with our targets when you follow the directions or we’ll make it right

Life Sized

Want to shoot a full-size target? Yep, these things are almost as big as your Uncle Ned -- and just as ugly

Safe and Secure Ordering

With our 128-bit SSL encryption, you can order with confidence. We even have US Navy SEALS ordering off on our website

Made In The USA

We take the 2nd Amendment seriously, and it’s an honor and privilege to provide targets that help us exercise that right

Great Customer Service

You need help… we’ve got answers. And since we personally answer the phones and emails, there's no attitude

Best Price

When you’re here, you’re buying direct from the factory so you’ll get the best price and freshest target possible

Satisfied Customers

We have 1000’s of customers around the world who’ve experienced what it’s like to shoot the world’s coolest targets

Fast Shipping

Your order usually ships in 1-2 business days and, depending on where you live, should arrive within another 3-5 days

It’s All Tracked

Everything is shipped with a tracking number and is insured so you never have to worry about your new target being damaged

Free Zombie Takedown Manual

This free operator’s manual gives an introduction to counter ambush training with an eye on safety, comfort, and competency.

Using this free manual, you'll learn a wide range of skills and practices including...

  • A walk-thru of intuitive shooting fundamentals such as stance, grip, and trigger control
  • Learn ways to take down multiple zombie targets
  • Discover critical incident reloading and malfunction clearing

Fallen?  No need to get up with unorthodox shooting positions (seated, kneeling, sitting) and flow drills. We’ll even give you a list of Zombie Takedown Gear so you can be fully prepared.

This free guide is yours when you sign up with your email on the right. And be sure to get a few of our Zombie Targets so you can start preparing yourself today!

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