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Zombie Shooting Target Value Pack - 100 Pack Paper + Free 3-D Zombie + Free Shipping

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  • Standardized 18" x 24" silhouette target suitable for both indoor & outdoor ranges - same as what you’re already shooting, but better!
  • Innovative scoring system allows you to crush your friends or challenge yourself
  • Made from biodegradable, recycled 80# poster paper that will outlast any other paper target, these are miles ahead of other targets - you could frame these!
  • Available in a variety of our most popular Zombie Targets with multiple package sizes available 
  • Printed in the USA!

Full Size Tactical Zombie Paper Targets

Our Tactical Zombie Paper Targets are life-sized and perfect for shooting inside or outside. No flimsy, crappy paper here - these are made of thick premium-grade paper and can take a beating from any caliber weapon.

When designing our Zombie Industries paper targets, we set out to offer YOU the most exciting target on the market today! We started with various drawings of our Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets - already the best Zombie targets on the market - and then overlaid an innovative scoring system to provide you with an uncompromising competitive challenge. Play against yourself or show your fellow gunslingers who's boss of the range today!

But WAIT! It gets even better!

Our designers took it to the next level and developed the “target-within-a-target” concept, another industry first! We placed a scaled version of the focal Zombie  within the typically wasted space outside the silhouette to create a second point of reference that challenges your perspective by simulating two different target distances. This allows you to practice shooting for distance (and a higher score!) when space is not available.



  • Life-sized Zombie Shooting Target BLEEDS when shot!
  • Perfect for a group outing, split with your friends, and Destroy the Undead!
  • Zombie Targets can withstand more than 1000 ROUNDS of assorted .22 to .50 caliber ammunition
  • Works with BB/Pellet Guns and AirSoft
  • Works with Compound Bows, Crossbows, Recurve Bows and all types of archery (with a suitable backstop)
  • Zombie Targets can be reused to finish off another day


  • Free Wooden Stake to mount the Zombie Target or stab through its cold heart
  • Front of box can be used as a tactical silhouette shooting target, perfect for sighting in and practicing your aim
  • Back of box transforms into our Outbreak™ Skeet Holding Reactive Target

Made in the USA by non-infected workers!

Life-Sized 3-D Tactical Zombie Target “Bleeds” When Shot!

Our Zombie targets are life-sized, three-dimensional tactical mannequins that “bleed” when you shoot them, using Zombie Industries’ Patented technology. Zombie Industries’ Patent Pending Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets are designed to help YOU prepare for the next Zombie outbreak!

What makes our Zombies so special?

They’re filled with biodegradable matter, which makes clean up a wee-bit easier…(are you happy, mom?) …and oh yah, let’s not forget, they bleed and burst into little pieces of blood-soaked Zombie matter when you shoot them!

Zombie Backstory

All Zombie Industries products represent fictitious characters and are works of fiction.  Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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