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Zombie Hunting Permit Patch

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With this highly visible Zombie Hunting Permit affixed to your favorite gun bag, law enforcement will be able to quickly identify the purpose of the mass arsenal stacked safely and securely in the back seat of your car next to a Zombie Industries Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target!

Here’s the license we’ve all been waiting for that makes Zombie hunting legal in 47 of our 50 great states!  The emergency issue, resident, permanent Zombie Hunting Permit Patch is easily applied with a durable Zombie-repellant Velcro that will keep a Zombie paralyzed at close range for up to 3 minutes, giving you the time you need to maneuver your ideal course of action. 

Who knew you needed a permit to hunt foul-smelling undead Zombies?


  • Velcro Patch attaches to most gun bags, military headwear, trucker-hats and even do-rags!
  • 3″ in height x 4.25″ wide
  • Embroidered in the USA by non-infected workers
  • Postage will apply when shipped individually

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