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NMT 3-D Tactical Training Dummy Shooting Target - "GREG"

  • $ 99.95

The NMT (Non-Marketing Target) Greg Training Dummy Shooting Target features a Homeland Security blue male with internal organs and the ability to hold items in his hands.


  1. Single Target:  includes 1 torso, 1 set of accessories
  2. FULL TARGET KIT: includes 1 torso, 4 replacement skins, 5 each of accessories
  3. Replacement Skins: 10 pack of replacement skins fits over torso - each skin good for 100's of rounds of various calibers

This patent-pending Non-Marking version of the ZMB target is identical in size and appearance and has the same lifelike attributes of the VRT (Visual Response Technology) product line, but without the marking technology. The ‘shoot and see’ technology, that covers the skin of the VRT, which allows for instant visual feedback, can sometimes become a hindrance to training for certain scenarios like repetitive close quarters battle training. As with the VRT, the NMT still maintains the same three-dimensional advantage over other targets, but instead of an orange mark surrounding the hit, the impact registers as a clean hole. This allows for more shots to be placed in a concentrated area like the head or center mass band without the orange markers bleeding into each other.


  • NMT technology does not mark, instead hits register as a clean hole
  • 3-D aspect offers 180° strike point, enabling numerous training scenarios
  • Torso can withstand hundreds of rounds from multiple calibers
  • Anatomically correct torso makes for realistic engagement & training
  • 3-D torso enables use with night vision (can’t do that with paper)
  • Hands can hold included accessories to change perceived threat level of torso
  • Excellent for federally mandated Shoot/No-Shoot training exercises


  • Torso is lightweight and easy to deploy & move around once set up
  • Contents are Biodegradable for low environmental impact
  • Torso comes with a mounting stake & works with optional leg stand
  • Accessories include: pistol, knife, mobile phone, soda can, & police badge
  • KIT includes: 1 torso, 4 replacement skins, 5 each of accessories

    Proudly made in the USA by workers who care!

    NOTE: While we keep some product in stock, we create kits and single targets on demand. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery after ordering. International delivery can take longer and we can provide custom shipping quotes for larger orders. Smaller orders are shipped USPS (international) or FedEx (USA).

    If you need a custom quote, please use our CONTACT US page to reach out. 

    All ZMB Industries products represent fictitious characters and are works of fiction.  Names, characters, stories, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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