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What are these targets best used for?
How do I stake and shoot the target?
How do I get the best results with my Zombie Target?
What is the ‘oozing blood’?
Do I need to worry about it ‘drying out’ from the existing holes?
How would you recommend storing it after use for future use?

What is the difference between a VRT and NMT Target?


What are these targets best used for?

Zombie Industries prides itself on offering the most versatile tactical targets available today. We have sold 1000s of targets to a wide variety of clients and customers including Military and Law Enforcement as well as private shooting enthusiasts. Our three-dimensional targets are perfect for practicing on the range and group outings that need a rugged life-like target, and nothing’s better for helping Zombie Hunters prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

For even more fun, you can use several Zombie Targets to create your own Zombie Apocalypse Shooting Course. Whether you use a single Target or a whole army of Zombies, Zombie Industries’ 3D targets can be used for any legal shooting activity.

How do I stake and shoot the target?

Use common sense and EXTREME CAUTION when shooting any weapon at your Zombie Target!

Prefer to download the instructions? Click here to download the Zombie Instructions and Catalog Booklet.

For optimal safety and efficacy, you and your Zombie Hunting Task Force should organize all weapons and supplies before you start – your life may depend on it!

Follow the instructions below CAREFULLY!


Carefully remove dormant Zombie and included wooden stake to prepare Zombie for staking.

Turn Zombie upside down, then carefully cut an “X” in the center bottom, positioned closer to the front of the belly than the back.

Zombie Staking Step 2

Turn your Zombie upright, hold firmly and then place the stake point in line with the X on the bottom and push down at least 4 inches to keep the stake solidly in position. 
NOTE: At this point, Zombie may be awakening from dormancy. Be careful as the stake mounting process angers the Zombie!

Zombie Staking Step 3

Carefully remove stake from Zombie and flip it over.
POUND the pointed end of stake into the ground or a sand bucket using a hammer or rubber mallet (you can hit the Angry Zombie too but be careful!)

Mount Zombie on top of the flat end of the stake.
Only push down on Zombie's shoulders, not the Zombie's head (this will help you to avoid getting bitten).

Zombie Staking Step 5

Once Zombie is successfully mounted and secured, immediately begin pummeling the infuriated Zombie with any and all weapons and calibers available. This tough son-of-a-gun can withstand upwards of 1000 rounds of any caliber, so let ‘em have it!

REMEMBER… The only way to kill a Zombie is by destroying it and beheading it.

How do I get the best results with my Zombie Target?
Zombie Industries offers two distinct kinds of Zombie Targets: Bleeder Targets and Mutilator Targets. For Bleeder Zombie Targets, concentrate shots in the head and center mass areas for optimum bleeding effect. Since the Mutilator Zombies mark orange rather than bleed, you can treat Mutilator Zombie Targets as you would any reactive marking target. 
Zombie Best Results

Remember, unloading a magazine or two into the Zombie isn’t going to do much. It’ll take more than 10 or 20 rounds to hurt these Zombies, so give ‘em all you’ve got. Unload 100s of rounds to get the fun started and when you’re almost done, finish the Zombie off by decapitating it with a few well-placed shots to the neck area. Remember, a Zombie isn’t finished until it’s been decapitated. 

This Zombie isn’t quite finished off but it is getting close!
Zombie Target Beheading

What is the ‘oozing blood’?

Our patented Bleeding Zombie Tactical Targets uses 100's of specialty paint packet that ooze out when shot. This allows you to shoot the target many different times in many different areas to get the oozing 'blood'. 
However, make sure you don’t touch the ‘blood’ or you might get infected!

Do I need to worry about it ‘drying out’ from the existing holes?
How would you recommend storing it after use for future use?

Our patented “Zombie Blood” can be safely stored so you can use your Zombie again and again. And if you’ve bled out your Zombie, we also offer individual blood packets so that you won’t go dry. For best results, we recommend storing your Zombie in its original box.

What is the difference between a VRT and NMT Target?

The Visual Response Target (VRT) is a three-dimensional, life-sized mannequin target that offers training advantages that no other target on the market can offer. Each successful shot results in a bright fluorescent orange wound mark that can be seen from over 100 yards away. This visual feedback allows shooters to assess successful shots in real time to better monitor their performance. 

Nearly identical to the VRT in both size and appearance, the Non-Marking Target offers the same lifelike realism and functionality without the visual marking technology. With the NMT successful shots cleanly pass through the target, leaving a small, clean opening rather than a fluorescent orange wound. This allows for more shots to be placed within a concentrated area (like the head or center mass band) without the orange markers bleeding into each other.



        Non-Marking Target (NMT)                      Visual Response Target (VRT)

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