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Training Targets

Used by military and law enforcement around the world, the ZMB Industries training target line is the ideal solution for tactical training with extreme realism.

What is the difference between a VRT and NMT Target?

The Visual Response Target (VRT) is a three-dimensional, life-sized mannequin target that offers training advantages that no other target on the market can offer. Each successful shot results in a bright fluorescent orange wound mark that can be seen from over 100 yards away. This visual feedback allows shooters to assess successful shots in real time to better monitor their performance. 

Nearly identical to the VRT in both size and appearance, the Non-Marking Target offers the same lifelike realism and functionality without the visual marking technology. With the NMT successful shots cleanly pass through the target, leaving a small, clean opening rather than a fluorescent orange wound. This allows for more shots to be placed within a concentrated area (like the head or center mass band) without the orange markers bleeding into each other.



        Non-Marking Target (NMT)                      Visual Response Target (VRT)

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