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    1 - Applicant certifies that it maintains accurate books of account and records pursuant to generally accepted accounting principles. applicant, and its owners, shareholders, members, partners and/or managing agents (or sole proprietor) authorize ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES and its agents, to investigate applicant’s credit worthiness, and review applicant¹s credit report, and agree to provide ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES with all financial statements, tax returns or other financial documents deemed necessary by ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES.

    2 - Applicant hereby authorizes any financial instructions to provide ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES with any and all information ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES considers pertinent to this application. Applicant releases all parties and persons from any and all liability for any damages that may result from furnishing information to ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES, as well as from any use or disclosure of such information by ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES, or any of its agents, employees or representatives.

    3 - Applicant authorizes ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES to conduct onsite inspections of applicant¹s property upon reasonable notice to applicant.

    4 - Applicant understands and agrees that all new accounts are shipped credit card pre-pay, unless other arrangements are made. Applicant understands and agrees that its primary business function must be in the firearms industry and be in a commercial location with a retail storefront.

    5 - Applicant agrees it may be required to fax or email the following information to ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES on request to complete this application; (a) current business license, (b) photos of: your store front and an inside view of your store, (c) company letterhead and business card, (d) copy of a voided business check with your business name on it, (e) copy of seller¹s permit (for California companies), (f) corporate documents.

    6 - Applicant agrees that it will not advertise for sale any zombie industries product for less than 10% below MSRP listed on i.e., IF a product MSRP was $100, the lowest allowable advertised sale price would be not more than $10 off, or $90.00 to the retail consumer.

    7 - Applicant shall provide ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES: (a) 30-days advance written notice of any intended change in dealership location; and (b) immediate written notice of any change in ownership or legal structure, and shall provide a new signed application reflecting any such changes.

    8 - Applicant acknowledges that: (a) any future dealership contract with ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES is conditioned upon satisfactory responses to and compliance with the terms of this application, and (b) ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES has the right and discretion to reject this application if in ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES sole opinion the applicant (or application) does not meet its dealer requirements. further, applicant acknowledges this application does not constitute a dealership contract with ZOMBIE INDUSTRIES.

    9 - This application shall be governed and interpreted under California law, without regard to its choice of law rules. Any dispute arising out of or related in any way to this application shall be resolved by final and binding arbitration before JAMS (under its commercial arbitration rules) before a single retired judge or justice. The parties stipulate to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in San Diego County, California, and expressly waive any personal jurisdiction or venue objections or defects in any action arising out of or related in any way to this application. In any action or arbitration arising out of or relating to this application, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, in addition to any other relief provided by law.
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