Zombie Deathmatch


July 06, 2013

In the interest of arming the human race with the foreknowledge necessary for survival during an actual Zombie Apocalypse, we have produced this unflinching infographic guide to the most dangerous Zombies that Hollywood has brought to date.

Even though these are “Hollywood Zombies”, this guide will someday save not only the humanity of a loved one, fellow soldier or even a stranger, but also the lives of countless others through education. Survival demands education! We have provided to most in-depth reviews of the best Zombies that Hollywood has shown us over the last 50 years. Also included are Zombie survival guides, the most lethal Zombies and information to help you Destroy the Undead, should you need it.

REMEMBER: The bitten will be doomed to the ultimate inhumanity, be prepared to protect yourself. Persevere! Your knowledge, your determination, and your will to act can mean the difference! Do not let your fellow man become a member of the mindless cannibal horde through ignorance!

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